Founder & Creative Director of @whathappenedtogod
whathappenedtogod is my creative outlet. where dreams are executed into reality. a world where love is the answer for everything. 
featured below are some of my favorite projects that i've executed.​​​​​​​
"You Don't Get Me High Anymore"
an exclusive collaboration & campaign with @end.overdose with the purpose to spread awareness on overdose & raise money towards resources & initiatives to help combat drug addictions. 
all profits donated.

designed, styled, & curated entire collection + look book.
"Part 222" - græy
an exclusive 9 piece collection dedicated to my best friend Seun who passed away.
a neo-minimalistic capsule inspired by archive fashion & punk music.
a capsule dedicated to ovd essential items including a vegan leather wallet, electric lighter, boxers, & more.
a three-stranded pearl bracelet composed of 5 crosses made of sterling silver & Swarovski crystals.
my first ever sneaker design dedicated and inspired by Virgil. featuring a 8 point star dedicated to the Hindu goddess Yamnaba.
Angel & Demon "111s"
an exclusive hand constructed rework of the Nike Air Force 1 Mid. featuring a cross swoosh with hand placed Swarovski crystals along with many other meticulous details. each release only had 10 pairs and was sold out in seconds.
what happened to God?
the question that changed my life forever.
that's when I found my purpose,
ovd — short for "overdose" is more than just clothes, it's a movement.
dedicated to my brother, Seun aka my lil brada Swaaty, who passed away from overdose on August 22, 2021. Seun was not only my brother but the first person who believed in me. he was my first model, my best friend, my ambassador, my inspiration... & now my purpose.


i tried starting ovd in 2019. i lived in an attic of a trap house while going to college. i was stuck in the same cycle of selling drugs or taking them. i made my first few pieces and designs in that attic, with the first being my iconic turtleneck "God Forgive Me" but on an old thrifted shirt with a little embroidery machine. 
it only lasted for a little bit. until i got caught back into that cycle. i eventually ended up in the hospital on New Years of 2020. but i wasn't defeated. i felt reborn. it was finally my chance to prove myself to God. that i won't give up. & that i'll stay grateful for this precious life i've been given. & share that feeling with the world. through my art.

the iconic "God Forgive Me" (written in Gujarati on the collar) knit released in our first collection "You Deserve To Fly My Angel". 

after getting out of the hospital, i dedicated all my time to learning how to design and create clothes. i strictly made 1 of 1s so i can continue to learn and design as many pieces as possible. my vision was broad and a lot had to be said, so i communicated more and more through my designs. & then after getting sent home for covid in March of 2020, i went all in. i learned how to sew through YouTube and trial & error and used my mom's old saals (indian traditional lightweight blanks used to cover women) and re-working them into menswear. by the end of 2020, only 9 months into my craft, i already had over 10,000 followers & a cult following. with pieces selling out in seconds, i knew what I had to do to take it to the next levels.
i continued to lock in on my craft and followed God's path. elevating my skills and knowledge day by day to the best of my abilities in order to maximize and discover my own design language. up until I lost swaat. & then I had to find myself again.

the iconic "999" necklace I designed. featuring 3 strands of vegan pearls connected with 9 crosses. symbolizing my birth year, 1999.

in 2021 when the best of my memories were lived, it felt like I lost everything when I lost my best friend. i destroyed the whole mood board. i had to restart. i had to dial in. this wasn't just building a movement, this meant war.
i released my first collection entitled "You Deserve To Fly My Angel" along with a short film I directed dedicated to Swaat.
the collection was released on 2.2.2022 and later the short film being released on 2.22.2022 with the celebration of my new start-up ARCHIV333, an ios app to purchase clothing from a community upcoming designers.

"You Deserve To Fly My Angel" // AW21

a little over a year later, i released "Part 222" of my collection entitled "græy"
after i lost swaat, all i can feel is græy. nothing in between. like an empty void. it's what brought this entire collection to life. heavyweight washed fabrics with raw graphics, heavy distressing, storm clouds, & darkness.
with over 61,000 followers, 15,000+ orders, & the most beautiful, loyal supporters. it's only a matter of time before ovd become a global phenomenon.

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